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Virus Removal

Slow computer, annoying popups, random power outs - all signs of your computer having a virus / spyware software. Once we find and remove the virus, we perform a complimentary health check on the computer to ensure everything is ok.

All of our virus removal solutions are fully guarenteed.

Data Backup

Remote Data Backup is an improved and convenient alternative to the traditional process of storing backups without dealing with media such as tapes, DVD's and external hard drives. The process involves your data being compressed, encrypted and transmitted across the internet to our datavault; where it remains encrypted until required.

Data Recovery

If you have lost data from a hard disk or other digital medium, you've come to the right place. We recover data from all manufacturers and types of hard disk drives, and our staff has factory-level knowledge of all makes of hard disk drives, including desktop, laptop, server, RAID, SD, USB and external hard disk drives.

Remote Access

Secure, convenient Remote Access provides our clients with the ability to login to the office from home. Never miss another email / appointment with our Remote Access Solution's. Some of popular choices are as follows: VPN, Logmein, Kaseya, VNC, TeamViewer & many more.

Voice over IP

Break free from conventional phone systems by using VoIP technology to make and receive calls.



All services provided by Computer-Repair.ie operate on a fixed hourly rate.

All services are fully guarenteed, ensuring quality and the utmost satisfaction for our customers.

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